Monday, October 7, 2013

Entertainment Exchange

So, today at work my friend, Marcus, and I were discussing movies when I discovered he'd never seen Nora Ephron's outstanding When Harry Met Sally. From there we ventured into other remarkable eighties and nineties movies which he'd also never seen.

I quickly offered to give him a Movie-cation and, as everyone I've offered this to tends to do, he brushed it off with a quick, "No, thank you." But, as an avid movie fan, I could not let my good friend go through life without watching at least one Nora Ephron movie. 

We then made a deal. 

I'm going to watch 10 episodes of The Vampire Diaries and he's going to watch 5 movies of my choosing. Now, for anyone else I would dig way back into the movie archives for these five films. However, Marcus doesn't strike me as a Katharine Hepburn and Cary Grant kind of guy so my usual movie-cation isn't going to cut it. The furthest back I've gone for these 5 movies is 1984. 

So, if you'd like to broaden your film horizons but you're not quite ready for beautiful black and white films then maybe you should check out this list as well. After all, accepting recommendations has been known to keep your creative juices flowing. You never know what might inspire you. 

Here's the list he's going to receive at work tomorrow:

1. The Breakfast Club, 1985 (find it on Netflix)
2. Ghostbusters, 1984 (Netflix)
3. The Princess Bride, 1987 (Amazon Instant Video)
4. That Thing You Do!, 1996 (Amazon Instant Video)
5. When Harry Met Sally, 1989 (Amazon Instant Video)

I'll let you all know what I think of The Vampire Diaries once I finish my required lot of them. I've never really been a huge fan of vampires but maybe TVD will surprise me. 

Have any of you ever made a similar arrangement with a friend? I'm curious. I'm also curious as to what films you consider to be a must for anyone's movie-cation. Feel free to let me know in a comment, tweet, or tumblr question! I love film recommendations and if you have any for me I'd be willing to try them! 

Thank you for reading! Best wishes to you all!

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